Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021.

Need help voting?

Republican Candidates:


Glenn Youngkin

Lt. Governor

Winsome Sears

Attorney General

Jason Miyares

House of Delegates – 58th District

Rob Bell

House of Delegates – 65th District

Lee Ware

6 responses to “Elections

  1. Marti

    I haven’t seen any presence of the committee encouring Republicans to get out and vote! We live in Troyso maybe our population is too small to reach out to?

    • Hi Marti,

      Thank you for your message. I apologize for the slow response. Actually, you should have been called by now. The bulk of our GOTV work this year has been thru telephone contact. If you’ve not been called, then we may not have your number. I’d be grateful if you could give us your full name, address, and phone.

      For reasons I don’t understand, we’ve had a very difficult time obtaining yard signs this year. I’m guessing that the candidates either used their funds in a different way or that they directed their signs to other areas. We’ve had far more demand for signs than we could meet.

      Regardless, I hope we can count on you to vote tomorrow. Republicans have the momentum right now. I’m confident that we will pick up seats in the Senate and cautiously optimistic that we will hold the House.

      Thanks again, Sam

  2. Diane

    Why isn’t this site updated from 2017?

  3. Pamela Arnold

    I’ve been waiting to see evidence you even exist! We need people in place to gather the county Republicans in order to combat the liberals in the county & show strength in numbers. What will it take? The 2nd amendment i& the sanctuary county issue? We should be hearing from the county GOP in a BIG way! Let’s see some enthusiasm & leadership!

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