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Election Day!!!

It’s Election Day and we need each and every one of you to get out and vote for our Republican team.

For eight long years, Democrats have held the U.S. Senate. They’ve raised taxes, stuck us with Obamacare, wasted trillions of dollars, and looked the other way while Obama has ignored our Constitution. And they invoked Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” that has allowed Obama to ram through left-wing judges without a single Republican vote. Imagine what would happen if Obama gets the chance to replace even one of the conservatives on the Supreme Court.

Mark Warner and the Democrats have been busily rubber-stamping President Obama’s radical agenda. That’s why we need each and every Republican voter at the polls. We’re closer than we’ve ever been to stopping this agenda, and every vote matters!

Turnout looks like it’s going to be very light – that makes YOUR vote even more important. We came up 1,000 votes short last time, and we wound up with Mark Herring as Attorney General. We cannot let that happen again.

If we want to change Washington, we have to change our U.S. Senator. And if we all do our part, we’ll do just that.

Now, let’s go flip the Senate!

See you at the polls!

And afterwards, come join us at an Election Night Returns party to be held at National Filter Service, 8787 James Madison Hwy (just south of Carysbrook), starting at 7 PM. We’ll have a big screen TV as well as pizza from Villa Novas, plus other food and drinks. Come celebrate the Victory!!

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