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I, Carolyn Ley, Chairman of the Fluvanna Republican Committee, do hereby call for an official meeting of the Committee to be held on Monday, October 20 at the Light Academy School in Palmyra, VA.  The meeting will come to Order commencing at 7:00 p.m.

The Light Academy School is located in the old Republican Headquarters near the Dogwood Restaurant and across the street from the Lake Monticello Fire Dept.

The agenda shall be as follows:

1. Call to order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reports:

– Secretary – Debbie Rittenhouse

– Treasurer – Claudia Thomas

5. Vote in new members

6. Old business:

– Campaign Updates – Melissa Kenny and Nikki Sheridan

– Discussion about Committee Campaign Donations

 – Election Day and Precinct Set-up Discussion (phone calls, tents, brochures, sample ballots, signs, tables, workers, etc.)

 – Other

7. New Business:

 – 2015 Meeting Schedule ideas (frequency of meetings?  More speakers?, etc.)

 – Lay groundwork on continued growing of the membership and future candidate recruitment

8. Speakers

9. Adjournment


New: Check out the polling place finder on our “Elections”page!

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October 14, 2014 · 4:11 pm

News You Can Use!

Sheriff Candidate Mark Belew has won the Fluvanna Republican Committee Endorsement!

There was a gathering of the Committee on Tuesday, Sept 23, held for the purpose of hearing the sheriff candidates forum.  A vote was taken and, by the required 2/3 margin, it was decided that the Fluvanna Republican Committee would place their Endorsement behind Mark Belew.

 To volunteer, get email updates, or donate to Mark Belew’s campaign call 434-996-9338 or email:

 Mark Belew’s is a Lifelong Fluvanna County resident.  To learn more about his extensive background in Law Enforcement, please visit:

 He also has a Facebook page with updates and events:

 More news on the FRC Endorsement Evening:

 Join us as we help Mark Belew win on November 4!


 More Fluvanna Republican Committee News:

Old Farm Days:  We will have a Booth at Old Farm Days this weekend – October 4.  Please drop by, say “hello” and pick up some signs.   If you would like to help for a shift in the booth, please call Carolyn at 434-207-4363 to sign up.

Yard Signs:  We do have yard signs for Ed Gillespie and Robert Hurt.  Call Carolyn at 434-207-4363 or reply to this email and we will contact you to arrange getting signs to you. 

 Call nights for Ed Gillespie:  We will be arranging a few “Phone Call Evenings”.   Join for an evening with other Republicans interested in helping Ed Gillespie defeat Mark Warner as we make phone calls into our community to ensure folks get to the polls and vote for Ed!  To participate, please call our Call Team Leader Carol at 434-987-0206.

 Voter ID Law is in effect this year:  Remember to have a valid form of identification when you go to vote this year.  Proper ID at the Poll is a Conservative Value!  Let’s give a cheer and support the Rule of Law on Election Day!  For more information visit:

 Get or Give a RIDE to the Registrar’s Office for early/absentee voting:  Consider voting early if you might have difficulty getting to the polls.  Also, let us know if you can help with giving people a ride.  Please call and LEAVE a MESSAGE for Florence at 434-589-3388.

 Get or Give a RIDE to the Polls on Election Day:   If you need a ride or can help with giving a ride to the polls on Election Day, please LEAVE a MESSAGE for Florence at 434-589-3388.

Help at the Polls on November 4:  Be a part of our wonderful American process by volunteering for a few hours to help at the polls.  It’s easy and makes for a fun day.  Contact Carolyn at 434-207-4363

 Get more updates on FRC Events:  Please join us on Facebook and visit our Web Page for regular updates on events and volunteer opportunities with the Fluvanna Republican Committee.

 Join the Committee:  Have a say in the political process!  Membership is only $15.00 annually for an individual ($25.00 per couple).  Your dues go to support the Committee’s work with ensuring we have good conservatives in office.  Click here for a membership application:

 Attend a meeting:  Our next regular meeting is Monday October 20th.  We will be voting in new members and discussing Election Day activities.  You are welcome to attend! We will meet at 7:00 p.m. at The Light Academy School – #6 Center Court (across the Street from the Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue).


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