Letter From Our New Chair

Carolyn Ley


Fluvanna Republican Committee

 April 15, 2014

Dear friends,

I am honored to serve as Chairman of the Fluvanna County Republicans.   It is a blessing to work side by side with people who are dedicated to preserving our shared Conservative values.  As well, I am inspired by the confidence Committee Members have shown in me.  During my term, I intend, with the camaraderie of our Committee Members, to build upon what others before me have worked hard to achieve for the Fluvanna Republican Committee.

 I agree with our last Chair, Debbie Rittenhouse, that we must continue to reach out, grow our committee, and teach others the ideals expressed in the Republican Creed.  Additionally, as a committee, we must work to recruit more citizens in order to add depth to our already hard-working team of volunteers.  

 Several committee members have expressed the desire for more opportunities to socialize and have fellowship with like-minded friends and neighbors as well as those we hope to bring into the fold. Therefore, we will be coming up with some activities and dates for our first few gatherings within the next month.  Also, if you would like to host a small gathering at your home – please contact me and we can work together to make it happen.

 I invite you to call or email me to share your ideas and concerns .  Please keep my contact information:

 Phone:  434-207-4363

Email: carolynfrc@trimeadows.com

 In closing, Ronald Reagan said Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.  His words highlight the fact that as Republicans we know there is a stark difference between how we see the world and how our Democrat friends see the world.   I believe we must always reach out to the people around us and share that our Liberty is to be celebrated every day and not just on the Fourth of July.  To preserve it, we must seek talented leaders who will serve as good stewards so that we can deliver the Liberties we enjoy intact to the next generation.

 With faith in a bright future for our children,



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