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Mass Meeting Summary

The Fluvanna Republican Committee (FRC) conducted a Mass Meeting on Saturday, March 15th. Thirty members were present along with 11 guests.  Debbie Rittenhouse was elected as temporary chair for the meeting, and Carol Walker as temporary secretary. Shaun Kenny served as temporary parliamentarian.

 Bob Ullenbach, member of the Board of Supervisors from the Palmyra District, spoke of the need to rein in county spending and gave an inspirational speech on the need for party unity. Delegate Lee Ware, who represents Columbia and parts of Fork Union in Virginia’s 5th district, spoke on attempts at the state level to reform Obamacare and to prevent further expansion of Medicaid.

 A new district chair will be elected at the upcoming 5th District Convention. Aaron VanAndel spoke on behalf of candidate Jon Berkeley, who is also supported by Robert Hurt. Mark Lloyd spoke on behalf of his own candidacy.

 With regard to this year’s U.S. Senate campaign, Shaun Kenny spoke on behalf of candidate Ed Gillespie and Chris Shores spoke in support of Shak Hill.

 After electing new FRC members, the Committee elected 11 delegates to the 5th District Convention to be held at Hamden/Sydney College on May 17th, and 15 delegates to the June 7th Virginia State Convention being held in Roanoke.

 The last item of business was the election of a new FRC chair. Carolyn Ley was nominated and then elected by acclamation. Congratulations to Carolyn!

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